Welcome to the updated CERT Provider website

The CERT Provider website has been given a new look, and a slight restructuring, to accompany of the consolidation of the CERT document request and CERT documentation review processes under a single contractor, now referred to simply as the CERT Review Contractor. Some obsolete pages have been removed from the website, and several others have been combined into a single page. In addition, a letter and contact schedule is now available.

Request letters and required documentation listings have been updated to accommodate the move to a different processing location. Documents sent to the Annapolis Junction address via USPS will be automatically forwarded to the new processing location in Richmond, Virginia, after October 13, 2016. Other carriers do not have the option to forward, so non-USPS packages received at Annapolis Junction will be returned to the sender after that date.

Please note that the Provider Address Update page will not be available until the transition to a single review contractor has been completed on October 14, 2016.

This site contains the following features:

About CERT - this page contains a brief description of the CERT program and the functions of the CERT contractors.

Letter and Contact Schedules - the CERT Provider Website contains the schedule the CERT program uses when sending Additional Documentation Request (ADR) letters and follow-up telephone contacts.

Attestation Letters - the CERT Provider Website contains Attestation Letters that can be submitted in lieu of specific documentation. A provider may submit a Disaster Attestation Letter when the documentation requested to support a claim has been wholly or partially destroyed in a disaster. On March 16, 2010 CMS issued CR#6698 that clarified Medicare Fee for Service signature requirements. The Attestation Letter tab contains links to additional information as well as an example of an attestation statement.

Sample Request Letters - the CERT Provider Website contains sample copies of all Additional Documentation Request (ADR) letters sent by the CERT program. This page allows the provider to select a sample ADR based on claim type.

Documentation Request Listing - the CERT Provider Website contains examples of the types of documents that are likely to be useful in performing medical review of claims. This page allows the provider to select a documentation listing based on service within each claim type.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions related to the CERT program.

CMS Links - links to CMS resources related to CERT.

Psychotherapy Notes - CMS special instructions for providing documentation for psychotherapy claims.